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City Detail & Appearance Center

Serving Dane County

Executive Detail Packages  

COMPACT AND MID-SIZE CARS             $199.95

SUV/ TRUCKS / VANS                              $224.99

OVERSIZE SUV                                         $249.99


Boats : $13 Per foot – Complete Detail

Fleets Welcome !  

Full Service Interior and Exterior Executive Detail Package



A complete rinse and pre-treat all vehicles

Hand Wash with Micro-fiber mits

Tire Dress

Wash/Clean Interior & Exterior Windows

Vacuum & Steam Clean Interior Upholstery & Carpet

Complete Pre-Treat

Removal of all dirt

Vinyl Dressed & Leather Dressed

Handwash with PH Soap

Remove all tar, bugs, and dirt from exterior,  clean wheel wells, clean & wax all door jams & trunk jams, clean gas cap area.

We Completely dry and we wax all the vehicle including all door/trunk jams


We also wax all Vehicles with wax or clay bar treatments

* For Final Finish , we will use what your vehicle  needs, including sealents, wax, and resins


Smoke & Odor removal                                          $80 & up




Detailing Packages

Let our certified detailers make your vehicle look like its new again!

Interior:  $135

Clean & Treat windows

Vacuum & Steam Clean Carpet and Upholstery

Vinyl Dressed & Leather Dressed

Complete Pre-Treat

Removal of all dirt


We extract everything – bodily fluids, gum, food, stains, smoke, and much more!  We have seen it all!

All areas, glove boxes, storage areas, and under the seats will be cleaned.

All valuables will be removed and placed into bags such as coins, rings, cell phones, toys, etc.

Exterior: $125

Handwash with PH Soap

Remove all tar, bugs, and dirt from exterior,  clean wheel wells, clean & wax all door jams & trunk jams, clean gas cap area.

Pre- clean exterior surface with a 3 step process to prevent any swirls and scratches to paint .


Everything including personal items removed and bagged for clients.

Brake dust & industrial fall out removed from exterior of vehicle

We apply & protect your vehicles trim surfaces which helps restore them to the original finish





Smoke & Odor removal                                         $80 & up

Spot Dye, Stains, and Restoring                            $20 & up.




Engine Detail : Steam Clean Engine and make it look like new!  $49.99

Head Light Restoration and Oxidation Repair : $30 per pair

Odor Removal: $30  &  up

Pet hair removal: $25 & up

Interior stain barrier application with carpet and upholstery protection .


We remove scratches,swirls and oxidation to bring that showroom shine!


Exterior Detailing

also includes:

We detail and remove all tree sap, tar, and bug

City Detail does a pre-clean treatment review of the vehicle.

We will take out light scratches with our pre-treatment detail services.


Sealant wil last for 1 year


We let our sealants time to cure for a high quality detail & shine to protect your vehicle.  






*Pricing subject to change depending on the condition of the vehicle. ( Including excessive pet hair, excessive dirt, trash, and bodily fluids inside the vehicle.)